Bettongia lesueur graii (Gould, 1840:178)

Betongia graii, Gould, 1840:178; Bettongia grayi Gould, 1840:178; Bettongia Grayii Gould, 1840:178; Hypsiprymnus Graii Gould, 1840:178
Common Name
Inland boodie, Inland burrowing bettong, Gray's rat-kangaroo, Gray's jerboa kangaroo (Krefft, 1866:21), Gray's bettong (Gray, 1843:93), booming (Murray-Darling aboriginals) (Krefft, 1866:21)
Western Australia (south-western), Australia
Last Record
1940's (Flannery, 1990)
IUCN status
Not evaluated
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[b]Original Scientific Description:[/b]

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