Scientific Name
Epioblasma biemarginata
Species Authority
(I. Lea, 1857)
Dysnomia biemarginata, I. Lea 1857
Common Name
Angled riffleshell
Alabama/Kentucky/Tennessee, USA
Last Record
IUCN status
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5 specimens are in the Illinois Natural History Survey mollusc [url=https://www.inhs.illinois.edu/animals_plants/mollusk/]collection[/url]:

INHS 17042
INHS 20269
INHS 20270
INHS 20271
INHS 20273
The Angled Riffleshell was last seen in 1970 (Williams et. al. 2008). It is known to have occurred historically in three states: Alabama, Kentucky and Tennessee. Bogan (2000) lists Illinois as another state in which this species occurred. However, an extensive review of the literature (NatureServe, 2011) does not mention Illinois as a confirmed location of this species, nor does it even mention Illinois in the entire species account.
[b]Species Bibliography:[/b]

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