Scientific Name
Niumbaha superba
Hayman, 1939
Chalinolobus superbus Hayman, 1939 (original description); Glauconycteris superba Hayman, 1939; Glauconycteris superba sheila Hayman, 1947
Common Name/s
Pied butterfly bat, Superb butterfly bat, Pied bat, Badger bat
Last Record
24 January 1972
Rediscovered in
Between 19:00 and 20:00, 19 February 2012
IUCN status
Not evaluated
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[b]Original Scientific Description:[/b]

Hayman, R. W. (1939). Two new mammals from the Belgian Congo. Annals and Magazine of natural History 11 3 (14): 219-224.

[b]Species Bibliography:[/b]

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