Podilymbus gigas


Species Authority
Griscom, 1929:5
Podilymbus podiceps gigas Griscom, 1929:5
Common Name
Atitlán grebe, Atitlán giant grebe, Giant pied-billed grebe, La poc (local name)
Lake Atitlán, Guatemala
Last Record
1983 or later; 1986 (Hume & Walters, 2012:65)
IUCN status
TSE forum thread
Taxonomic Notes
The often reported last record of the Atitlán Grebe is 1986 (e.g. Hume & Walters, 2012:65). However, extensive personal observations by (Hunter, 1988) in 1986-7 failed to observe a single individual on Lake Atitlán, to which it was apparently endemic. In addition, three individuals of [i]P. podiceps[/i], all male, manifested possible signs of hybridization with [i]P. gigas[/i] (i.e. heavier weight and larger bills than expected for [i]P. podiceps[/i]) (Ibid.).
[b]Original Scientific Description:[/b]
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