Oodemas laysanensis Fullaway, 1914

Laysan weevil



Taxonomy & Nomenclature

Synonym/s: Oedemasylus laysanensis Fullaway, 1914 (used in error by World Conservation Monitoring Centre, 1996; Chris Lyal, pers. comm. March 2014)


Conservation Status

Last record: 1964 (source); June 1990 (Neal Evenhuis, pers. comm. April 2014 to Alexander Lang)

IUCN RedList status: Extinct


Although this species is not officially evaluated on the iucnredlist.org website, it is erroneously evaluated under the name "Oedemasylus laysanensis" and this will be corrected in the next update of assessments (Chris Lyal, pers. comm. March 2014).

According to Neal Evenhuis (pers. comm. April 2014 to Alexander Lang), this species was last definitely collected on Nihoa in 1990, although more recent specimens may have been collected as not all specimens have been identified from collecting expeditions. Therefore this species is unlikely to be extinct, even though it is currently considered to be by (World Conservation Monitoring Centre, 1996).



Laysan, Midway, Nihoa and Necker Island, Hawaiian Islands, USA (Perkins, 1926)


Contra (Perkins, 1926), this species may not have occurred on Necker or Nihoa.


Biology & Ecology










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