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Diplomesodon sonnerati Cheke, 2018

Sonnerat's shrew



Taxonomy & Nomenclature

Synonym/s: Diplomesodon sonnerati Cheke, 2012:96


Conservation Status




Pondicherry (formerly Puducherry), southern India



Sonnerat's shrew (Diplomesodon sonnerati) is a hypothetical species of shrew which was described by Pierre Sonnerat (after whom the species is named) in his unfinished manuscript Nouveau voyage aux Indes (1814). He noted that it was almost completely black, with only a large white band on its back, and of exceptional size for a shrew (5 1/2 inches long).









Original scientific description:

Cheke, Anthony S. and Hume, Julian Pender. (2018). The Réunion Fody and Sonnerat’s Shrew and the validity of scientifically naming animals described without physical types. Zootaxa 4382(3): 592-600. [Abstract]


Other references:

Cheke, Anthony S. (2012). Sonnerat's shrew-evidence for a new and possibly extinct species in an early 19th century manuscript (Mammalia: Soricidae). Journal of the Bombay Natural History Society 108(2): 95-97.


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