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Batocnema coquereli aldabrensis Aurvillius, 1909



Taxonomy & Nomenclature

Synonym/s: Bataconema coquereli aldabrensis Aurvillius, 1909 [orth. error by (Gerlach, 2012; Senterre et al., 2011)]


Conservation Status

Last record: 1895



Aldabra, Seychelles


Biology & Ecology










Gerlach, Justin. (2012). Red Listing reveals the true state of biodiversity: a comprehensive assessment of Seychelles biodiversity. Phelsuma 20: 9-22.

Senterre B., Henriette E., Chong-Seng L., Beaver K., Mougal  J., Vel T. &  Gerlach  J.  (2011). Seychelles  key  biodiversity  areas.  Output  1:  List  of  species  of  special concern. Report of consultancy, UNDP-GEF project, Ministry of Environment of Seychelles, Victoria, Seychelles. 67 pp.


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