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Isoperla emarginata Harden & Mickel, 1952:40

Crescent stripetail



Taxonomy & Nomenclature

Synonym/s: Isoperla imarginata Harden & Mickel, 1952 [orth. error]


Conservation Status

Last record: 13 July 1939



Grand Marais, Minnesota, USA






Only known from a single female.






Original scientific description:

Harden, P. H. and Mickel, C. E. (1952). The stoneflies of Minnesota (Plecoptera). University of Minnesota Experiment Station. Technical Bulletin 201: 1-84.


Other references:

Illies. J. 1966. Katalog der rezenten Plecoptera. Das Tierreich. 82. Walter de Gruyter und Co., Berlin, Germany. 632 pp. [p. 401]

Szczytko, S. W. and Kondratieff, B. C. (2015). A Review of the Eastern Nearctic Isoperlinae (Plecoptera: Perlodidae) with the description of twenty-two new species. Monographs of Illiesia 1: 1-289.


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