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Syngnathus watermeyeri Smith, 1963

Estuarine pipefish, River pipefish



Taxonomy & Nomenclature



Conservation Status

Rediscovered in 2006



South Africa


Biology & Ecology










Ntshudisane, Ofentse K. et al. (2021). Dietary specialisation in a Critically Endangered pipefish revealed by faecal eDNA metabarcoding. bioRxiv preprint. doi:

Vorwerk, P. D., Froneman, P. W., & Paterson, A. W. (2007). Recovery of the critically endangered river pipefish, Syngnathus watermeyeri, in the Kariega Estuary, Eastern Cape province. South African Journal of Science 103: 199-201.

Whitfield, A. K. (1995). Threatened fishes of the world: Syngnathus watermeyeri Smith, 1963 (Syngnathidae). Environmental Biology of Fishes 43: 152. doi:


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