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Salanx acuticeps Regan, 1908



Taxonomy & Nomenclature

According to FishBase, Salanx acuticeps is a synonym of S. ariakensis Kishinouye, 1902.


Conservation Status




Lake Candidius, Taiwan


Biology & Ecology




Syntypes: BMNH 1909.4.28.35 and 36






Original scientific description:

Regan, C. T. (1908). Description of new fishes from Lake Candidius, Formosa, collected by Dr. A. Moltrecht. Annals and Magazine of Natural History, Series 8, 2: 358-360.


Other references:

Hsuan-Ching, Ho and Kwang-Tsao, Shao. (2011). Annotated checklist and type catalog of fish genera and species described from Taiwan. Zootaxa 2957: 1-74.


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