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Cyclura onchiopsis Cope, 1885

Navassa Island iguana, Navassa rhinoceros iguana



Taxonomy & Nomenclature

Synonym/s: Cyclura cornuta onchiopsis Cope, 1885; Cyclura nigerrima Cope, 1885; Cyclura onchiopsis Cope, 1886; Cyclura cornuta onchiopsis Schwartz & Thomas, 1975; Cyclura cornuta onchiopsis Schwartz & Carey, 1977; Cyclura onchiopsis Powell, 1999; Cyclura onchiopsis Joseph-Ouni, 2007


Conservation Status

Last record: mid 19th century

IUCN RedList status: Extinct



Navassa Island, Puerto Rico


Biology & Ecology




Holotype: USNM 9977

Type locality: Navassa Island


Paratype: USNM 12239

For a photograph of each of these preserved specimens see [url=]here[/url].






Original scientific description:

Cope, E. D. (1885). The large iguanas of the Greater Antilles. Amer. Nat. 19: 1005-1006.


Other references:

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