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Megalomys camerhogne Mistretta et al., 2021



Taxonomy & Nomenclature

Synonyms: Oryzomys A (Lippold, 1991).


Conservation Status

Last record: Holocene



Grenada Bank, southern Caribbean












Original scientific description:

Mistretta, Brittany A., Giovas, Christina M., Weskler, Marcelo and Turvey, Samuel T. (2021). Extinct insular oryzomyine rice rats (Rodentia: Sigmodontinae) from the Grenada Bank, southern Caribbean. Zootaxa 4951(3): 434-460. [Abstract]


Other references:

Lippold, L. K. (1991). Animal resource utilization by Saladoid peoples at Pearls, Grenada, West Indies, pp. 264-268. In: Ayubi, E. N. and Haviser, J. B. (eds.). Proceedings of the XIII International Congress for Caribbean Archaeology (1989), Curaçao.

Mistretta, Brittany A. (2019). Grenada’s extinct rice rats (Oryzomyini): Zooarchaeological evidence for taxonomic diversity. Journal of Archaeological Science: Reports 24: 71-79. [Abstract]


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