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Nesokia bunnii (Khajuria 1981)

Long-tailed nesokia rat



Taxonomy & Nomenclature

Synonym/s: Erythronesokia bunnii Khajuria 1981


Conservation Status


Last record: January 1977



Iraq (southern)


Biology & Ecology










Original scientific description:

Khajuria, H. (1981). A new bandicoot rat, Erythronesokia bunnii gen. et sp. nov. (Rodentia: muridae), from Iraq. Bull. Nat. Hist. Res. Centre Baghdad 7: 157-164.


Other references:

Boris Kryštufek, Omar F. Al-Sheikhly, Javier Lazaro, Mukhtar K. Haba, Rainer Hutterer, Sayed B. Mousavi and Danijel Ivajnšič. (2021). A forgotten rodent from the Garden of Eden: what really happened to the long-tailed nesokia rat in the Mesopotamian marshes? Mammalia 85(2): 103-108.


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