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Cormodes darwini Pascoe, 1860



Taxonomy & Nomenclature

A wingless species named after Charles Darwin in honour of his theory in On the Origin of Species as to how winglessness has evolved in some insular Coleoptera (i.e. true beetles).


Conservation Status

Last Record: 100+ years ago

Rediscovered: 24 July 2018



Lord Howe Island, New South Wales, Australia (incl. Blackburn Island)


Biology & Ecology




24 specimens are known (Bartlett, 2009:226):

AMS (5 specimens)
SAM (9 specimens)
BMNH (3 specimens)
MNHN (3 specimens)
MVMA (3 specimens)
QM (1 specimen)


MVMA COL 65772
MVMA COL 65773
MVMA COL 65774







Original scientific description:

Pascoe. (1860). [Description of Cormodes darwinii]. Journal of Entomology 1: 17.


Other references:

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