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Stegodon florensis insularis van den Bergh et al. 2008

Dwarf Flores stegodon (proposed)




Taxonomy & Nomenclature



Conservation Status

Last record: terminal Late Pleistocene (c.12,000ya)



Flores, Indonesia

















Original scientific description:

van den Bergh, G. D., Due RA, Morwood MJ, Sutikna T, Jatmiko W, and Saptomo EW. (2008). The youngest stegodon remains in Southeast Asia from the Late Pleistocene archaeological site Liang Bua, Flores, Indonesia. Quaternary International 182: 16-48. [Abstract]


Other references:

van den Bergh GD, Meijer HJM, Due Awe R, Szabó K, van den Hoek Ostende LW, Sutikna T, Saptomo EW, Piper PJ, Dobney KM, Morwood MJ. 2009. The Liang Bua faunal remains: a 95 k.yr. sequence from Flores, East Indonesia. Journal of Human Evolution 57:527-537. [Abstract]

Morwood, M. J., Soejono, R. P., Roberts, R. G., Suktina, T., Turney, C. S. M., Westaway, K. E., Rink, W. J., Zhao, J. X., Van Den Bergh, G. D., Due, Rokus Awe, Hobbs, D. R., Moore, M. W., Bird, M. I. and L.K. Fifield, L. K. (2004). Archaeology and age of Homo floresiensis, a new hominin from Flores in eastern Indonesia. Nature 431: 1087-1091.

Sutikna, Thomas et al. (2018). The spatio-temporal distribution of archaeological and faunal finds at Liang Bua (Flores, Indonesia) in light of the revised chronology for Homo floresiensis. Journal of Human Evolution 124: 52-74.


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