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Emballonura semicaudata rotensis Yamashina, 1943




Taxonomy & Nomenclature

Not considered a valid subspecies by (Flannery, 1995:326).


Conservation Status




Mariana Islands












Original scientific description:

Yamashina, M. Y. (1943). On a new subspecies of Emballonura semicaudata from the Mariana Islands. Bulletin of the Biogeographical Society of Japan 13: 99-100. (in Japanese)


Other references:

Flannery, Timothy F. (1995). Mammals of the South-west Pacific and Moluccan Islands. Comstock/Cornell, Ithaca, NY, 464 pp. [p. 326]

Helgen, Kristof M. and Flannery, Timothy F. (2002). Distribution of the endangered Pacific sheathtail bat Emballonura semicaudata. Australian Mammalogy 24: 209-212.


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